• Steam and Hot Water Boilers
  • Boiler Room Specialties
  • Steam Traps and Steam Specialties
  • Condensate and Heat Recovery Systems
Hydro-Thermal Corporation

Direct Steam Injection Heaters and Systems

​Hydroheater® - Heats a wide range of liquids from water to heavy, viscous slurries​
EZ Heater® - Direct injection water heating from 2 to 1350 GPM
EZ Skid™ System  - Fully customized and scalable system for water heating​
Solaris® - ​Optimized for heavy slurries, medium consistency pulpstock or higher solids content.​
Sanitary Hydroheater® - Patented 3A certified, heats liquids from water to heavy, viscous slurries
ATTEC® System - ​Custom system solutions for starch cooking and slurry heating

Alstrom Energy Group

Steam Traps and Steam Specialty Products

​​Thermodynamic Steam Traps - Universal Connector Thermodynamic Traps - Thermostatic Steam Traps
Float & Thermostatic Steam Traps - Inverted Bucket Steam Traps - Clean Steam Thermostatic Traps
Liquid Drain Traps - Air Eliminators - Thermostatic Air Vents - Vacuum Breakers - Wye Strainers
Sight Glasses - Steam Moisture Separators - Pressure Reducing Stations
Steam Powered Condensate Pumps - Pneumatic Control Valves -Piston Valves
Hot Water Systems - Desuperheating Systems 

Electric Steam Generators and Hot Water Boilers

Quality Steam Products since 1908

​Designed and built in accordance with requirements of ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code and ASME CSD-1 Industrial Electric Steam Generators - Electric Stainless Steel Steam Generators - Electric Hot Water Boilers

Blowdown Tanks - Automatic Blowdown Systems - Feed-water and Condensate Systems


Heat Transfer Equipment and Systems

Heat Exchangers - Replacement Tube Bundles - ​Instantaneous Water Heaters - Clean Steam Generators
​Hot Water Generators and Storage Tanks - ​Heat Recovery Systems - Boiler Room Accessories

Liquid/Vapor Separators - Exhaust Heads - ​Asphalt Heaters - Fuel Oil Heaters - Deaerators
Packaged Pumping Systems - ASME Pressure Vessels​

  • Direct Steam Injection Fluid/Slurry Heaters
  • Water Heating Systems
  • Process Heat Transfer Equipment
  • Food Processing/Cooking Systems
Reimers Electra Steam Inc.

Freeze/Scald Protection – Fluid Tempering – Fluid Heating/Cooling

​​Self-Acting Freeze and Scald Protection Valves - Self-Acting Drain Tempering Valves

Automatic Steam Tracing Control Valves and Traps - ​Pump Thermal Relief Valves
Tempered Water System for Safety Showers​

Steam/Water and Water/Water Wash-Down Stations